Wanted: Aspiring Authors of Their Own Lives

Imagine that you enter a book store, you head to the self-help section, and there, among rows and rows of books, you see a book written just for you. It has YOUR name on it. As you turn page after page, you recognize your life dreams and aspirations, your obstacles and challenges, your moments of joy and triumph. But that’s not all…Your self-help book also has a blueprint for your personal success. As you continue reading, your heart is filling up with joy and pride. You’ve come a long way. Each page is like an old friend. The book is written by someone who knows you very well. You see the goals, steps and strategies that helped you make your vision a reality. You are now living your dream life. The book is the reminder of your journey to get to this wonderful place of confidence and courage. You realize that you authored it with every day you committed to becoming a better Self and making purposeful and meaningful choices. It is truly Your Self-Help Book…

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Brazil: Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance
One of the wishes of the vast majority of Brazilians is to be successful professionally. Being in the job of dreams, being well paid, having a better quality of life and being able to provide a better future for the family, is part of the plans of any worker. But it is not always easy to walk that path and have a successful career. Many do not always have the opportunities they would like, end up losing their jobs or end up asking for resignation because they are not satisfied with their job position. To help this part of the population, the Government created the Unemployment Insurance, a benefit that gives the worker temporary financial assistance. Continue reading Brazil: Unemployment Insurance

How to Cook a Steak

Preparing To Cook

Take the beef out of the fridge at least one hour ahead of time to bring it to room temp  (Our tests showed that on a mild sunny day (65º F / 18º C outside) it took our steaks 70 minutes to come to come fully to the ambient room temperature.)  You may want to cover it with a tea-towel.  If you take a cold steak out of the fridge and put it straight onto a hot grill you will be guaranteed a tough piece of beef.

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All about watches

‘Time is money’, ‘time is a healer’, ‘time is valuable’, ‘time is precious’ and so many other clichés are associated with time. All these clichés are useless if you don’t keep yourself update with the time. The importance of time has become more important these days, as there is so much for the humans to do. The watches are very important, as they tell you when to get up, when to sleep, when to leave for work, and when to take a break. These watches let you know accurately when to take your medicine, so that you can get well.

Keeping in mind the importance of time, the watches are with you everywhere, either on your wrists, in your computers, in your laptops, on the streets, or other places as well.

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Making your vision of success a reality

The growth of your business is difficult enough without the struggle of having to coordinate between your web design company, printer, photographer, and/or video production house. SCL IT Solutions offers effective consolidation of all your marketing needs under one roof.

Would you trust the consistency of YOUR image when it is in the hands of four or more companies?

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The Inside Scoop From Phoenix Garage Master

Garage Door Repairs & Roller Door Repairs – For High Quality Repairs in Phoenix
Phoenix Garage Master provides garage door and roller door repairs across Phoenix, Arizona. Our professionally trained technicians ensure your door is expertly repaired.

Whether it’s a complete door and panel replacement, a minor roller door repair or a problem with your garage door motor, we repair all makes and models with expert efficiency. To book a garage door or roller door repair or to discuss your requirements, contact Phoenix Garage Master today.

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